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Kampot Black Pepper, Pepper Tea

  Additional information
Offer type :  Sell
Posted Date :  2016-8-4 20:50:00
Introduction:  Cambodia Kampot Pepper is regarded as the King of Peppers due to its complex flavours and pungent aroma. For this reason it is highly sought after by European chefs and food connoisseurs. It was considered an essential spice in any respectable restaurant in France during the mid 20th century but faded from the world market due to the actions of the Khmer Rouge regime. Between the sea and the mountains on Cambodia south eastern coastline, Kampot pepper plantations thrive in ideal growing conditions. Rich minerals in the soil, abundant rainfall and sunshine, as well as the farmers traditional cultivation methods combine to produce the exceptional Kampot Pepper.
Kampot pepper farmers utilise generations of experience growing premium pepper and are still growing pepper without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Even individual peppercorns are picked by hand to ensure complete control of harvest times as this effects all stages of production especially for the rarer white and red pepper. During the late 19th and first half of the 20th century French colonials exported pepper from Kampot and the region high-grade product became the most sought after pepper in the world. A standard ingredient in any respected restaurant in France.

To be eligible for the production of Kampot pepper, the plot of land does not have only to be located in the delimited geographical area, but has also to fulfil specific conditions related to its soil and location as developed in (Production Methods) under the Book of Specifications. Production, processing and packaging have to be done in the delimited geographical area.

National Geographical Indication Logo is crucial management tool authorize to use it for any member of Geographical Indication Association on the final product after being completely certified by external control body (Third party) for compliance with the Code of Practice (CoP) of the producers and operators by the Department of Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Commerce.

Kampot pepper is also known as the King of Pepper, delivers strong yet delicate aromas. Its taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet also reveals floral and citrus hints. Kampot pepper has a unique flavour and smell distinguishing it from other types of peppercorns. The hot taste also has slight flavours of eucalyptus and mint. The pepper has an incredible depth of flavour, aroma. The black, red and white all are very distinct from one another in both aroma and taste.
Terms of Payment:  L/C
Departure Port:  Sihanoukville Seaport or Phnom Penh River Port
Destination Port:  
Quantity Available:  20 tonnes
Origin:  Cambodia
Minimum Order:  0.5 tonne
Price for Minimum Order:  35,000

  Contact information
Company:  Vcorp Realtor and Property Management Co Ltd
Contact person:  Clement Woo
Address:  Unit 38, Floor E1, 216 Norodom Boulevard, Sangkat Tonle Basaac, Khan Chamkarmorn
Telephone:  855236503869
Mobile:  855712792727

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