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Sell table type vacuum packaging machine

  Additional information
Offer type :  Sell
Posted Date :  2013-5-24 9:03:00
Introduction:  table type vacuum packaging machine
The packaging machines of Jinan Dongtai can reduce dust, reduce labor intensity, and raise labor efficiency.

Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Machine name:table type vacuum packaging machine
Model DTZF260

The computer-type automatic vacuum packaging machine we produced designed for packaging of products ,which cotain big water..use Japanese control circuit锛孉bsorb foreign advanced technology and experience of the same trade. its Electrical aspects using micro-computer controller to control all overall锛孖t has advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, low failure rate , long life etc. These advantages make the device easy to clean銆侲ven if use the water direct wash does not cause any electrical fault銆俛dopted 304 stainless steel plate锛宖ulfill food hygiene standards. High strength, not easy to break. Its unique design of tilt table, Can guarantee no loss of moisture in products, So that the products with water content of vacuum-packed easier to operate.
.DTDZ Series Vacuum packaging machine, use plastic composite film or aluminum foil composite film for packaging materials銆侳or a variety of instruments,medicines,grain,Fruits,pickled vegetables,dries fruit,fish and fishery product,local specialty,chemicals meterials,electronic components,police and military supplies ect vacuum packaging machine. Whether in solid, powder, paste or liquid can all be vacuum seal packaging.. Because a high degree of vacuum in bags, Products can be effective in preventing lipid oxidation and aerobic bacteria due to reproduction of items arising from corruption and deterioration, have function of fresh and protect flavor, color retention, can extend the storage time of products (goods), The same time, some soft items after vacuum packaging shrink packaging volume easy to use and storage.
Technical parameters:
Model Supply
Voltage Power Power vacuum
Room size The degree of vacuum Closed specifications Closed
Forms Exhaust fitted
Purchase volume Appearance specifications Weight
DTZF-260 220v 0.37w 380脳280脳90 -0.1MPAa 260mm Single closed 10m3/h 480脳330脳360 35kg
DTZF-350 220v 0.37w 450脳370脳220 -0.1MPAa 350mm Single closed 10m3/h 560脳420脳340 44kg
DTZF-450 220v 0.95w 460脳450脳220 -0.1MPAa 450mm Single closed 20m3/h 560脳520脳460 68kg

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  Contact information
Company:  Jinan Xunjie Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact person:  Karen Gong
Address:  Lingang Development Zone, Jinan City, Airport Road, No. 3843
Telephone:  86-0531-88738866-605
Mobile:  86-15866784676
Fax:  86-0531-88902662

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