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Sell Therapeutic Apparatus BLUELIGHT BL-H

  Additional information
Offer type :  sell
Posted Date :  2009-5-11 10:18:00
Introduction:  BrandF
Therapeutic Apparatus
1. Multifunction, various methods, automatic frequency switching, it can treat many diseases at the same time
BL-H Imperial Type (also known as Bluelight Far-infrared heat therapeutic equipment, Bluelight high blood pressure treatment instrumentjadopts a green natural therapy. Based on the human body itself, it can effect on the body or lesions directly through the use of different accessories. It effects on the body through electrotherapeutics, magnetic therapy, massage, chirapsia, acupuncture, baguan and other methods. It adopts the Eight-Diagram in sequence automatic frequency conversion electric circuit that can effectively be accordance with the human body biological condition to achieve the total effects of dredging the channels and collaterals, making through the Qi and blood, improving the nervous functions, restore and regulate the human immune system. It can expand the local vessels to increase the circulation of blood and lymph so as to improve the nutrition of local tissue and promote the metabolism of cells as well as accelerate the absorption and excretion of pathological products. It can also regulate the muscle flexibility, ease pathological tensions, and affect the nervous functions to make it excited or calm so as to eliminate the physical and spiritual fatigue and achieve the purpose oftreat many diseases at the same time.

2. Permanent magnet, pulse magnet and far-infrared heat radiation physical effect
BL-H Imperial Type can simulates many bio-energy fields in the human body, such as electric field, magnetic field, far-infrared ray etc., which scientifically overlays and integrates the special physical effects of permanent magnet, pulse magnetic and infrared heat radiation to bring about a solid and cross complex biological energy field. The complex biological energy field can penetrate human clothing, skin and bones to continuously infuse the cells with new energy and alleviate the shortage. It can also regulate and improve the electromagnetic disturbance and inspire human own potential so as to regulate the physiological function of the body to achieve the effects of reconciling internal organs, balancing yin and yang, consolidating the vitality and strengthening body resistance to eliminate evil.

3. Holographic therapy and overall regulation
The ear points, hand points, foot points and points on the back are the areas of human holographic information. These four areas may induce the inductive line of main 12 channels to regulate systemic balance information through channels and collaterals. BL-H Imperial Type adopts the holographic therapy and operation of output intensity of stepless regulation to infuse the composite energy into the body continuously through the stimulation and massage on hands, waist and feet as well as acupoints on the back with the carrier of blood cells and biological molecules, so it can promote the blood circulation, regulate the channels and collaterals, improve the microcirculation, and take overall balanced effects on the human body. It can provide the treatment for life with extraordinary effects.

4. Beautiful appearance and convenience with a remote control
BL-H Imperial Type has an appearance with an Eight-diagram design. It is beautiful, dignified, refined and unique with the tai chi picture in the middle. It is innovative to use an intelligent remote control, so all of the steps can be operated through a micro-computer-controlled stick. The treatment time can be chosen arbitrarily between 1~43 minutes, and the intensity and modes of treatment as well as the heat of infrared hyperthermia can be set freely. BL-H Imperial Type Therapeutic Apparatus can be used with more convenience and rapidness, and it is time-saving, effortless and worry-saving, which is an indispensable family doctor and an ideal gift for relatives and friends.

5. Balancing yin and yang, beautifying the skin, keeping the physical health Fundamentally speaking, the occurrence of diseases is caused by the breaking of the relative balance of yin and yang, i.e. the normal growth and decline of yin and yang is replaced by the condition of excessive or deficient yin and yang. BL-H Imperial Type Therapeutic Apparatus infuses the necessary physical energy of electromagnet into the human channels and collaterals through composite energy fields on the one hand; while it dredges the stagnated channels and collaterals, regulates the Qi and blood and eliminates the waste on the other hand. It can work both ways to keep the metabolism going on smoothly and the skin sleek, shiny and flexible, and it can also ensure that the body always remains in a state of dynamic equilibrium.
BL-H Imperial Type can effect on the waist to directly infuse the complex energy into the kidney and promote the Qi and blood running in the kidney, so it can improve and strengthen the bodyfs immunity to keep physical fitness and permanent youth.
BL-H Imperial Type attaches importance to local parts, but even more to the overall body. Based on an overall concept, it can dredge the channels and collaterals, balance the yin and yang, activate the Qi and blood, treat internal diseases through external treatment and cure diseases superficially and originally.

Terms of Payment:  FOB(wuhan )
Departure Port:  
Destination Port:  
Quantity Available:  100000pcs/month
Origin:  China
Minimum Order:  50pcs
Price for Minimum Order:  

  Contact information
Company:  Hubei Bluelight Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Contact person:  lovie
Address:  Zhongli &bulding, Xudong Road, Hubei, China, P. R
Zip/Postal:  430071
Telephone:  +86-027 86836688
Mobile:  +86 013971182097
Fax:  +86-027-86826688

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