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Sell Alarm WS-401

  Additional information
Offer type :  sell
Posted Date :  2009-5-11 10:11:00
Introduction:  Brand£º
Alarm Series
3.0 kg
248*190*45 mm

WS-401 Automatic Dialing Burglar Alarm

Functions and Features:
1. It has a latest pop panel design with attractive appearance and a unique clamshell design, which is fashionable and close to family life.
2. It is a wireless system, so it can be installed simply and quickly without wiring; the main panel is equipped with an input keyboard, the operation is simple.
3. The operation can be very clear with a rolling all English menu.
4. It has vocal indication in the whole course for convenient operation, and the volume can be regulated.
5. It has 8 wire alarming areas and 16 wireless alarming areas with two remote controls to facilitate your choice for use.
6. It has 8 alarming telephone numbers: 2 telephone numbers of the alarming center and 6 ordinary vocal alarming telephone numbers.
7. The set up alarm/release alarm and emergent alarm of the system can be controlled by a wireless remote control, which is practical and convenient for users in using it.
8. It is operated with passwords to ensure the systemic security: the alarm can be set up or released in a long distance through the telephone passwords.
9. It has the preventive function of cutting, which ensures that the alarm can be sent.
10. A black box function of recording 64 pieces of information.
11. The alarm can be divided into different alarming areas for setting up alarm individually.
12. The recording system: It can be pre-recorded the warning words for 10 seconds that may be changed, re-recorded and played back according to the need.
13. It has the outlets for external speakers with quietness/siren conversion.
14. It has a built-in siren (¡Ý85 decibels) to notify neighbors (the siren can also be turned off to send alarm in quietness)
15. It can take up the line in the event of alarming situations; the alarming telephone can cut off phone calls and send alarm forcefully.
16. It connects to the network by telephone + contact ID.
17. It has an automatic switching function between AC-DC power supplies: With AC charging generally, it can switch to DC automatically to ensure that the system works normally.
Terms of Payment:  FOB(wuhan )
Departure Port:  
Destination Port:  
Quantity Available:  100000pcs/month
Origin:  China
Minimum Order:  50pcs
Price for Minimum Order:  

  Contact information
Company:  Hubei Bluelight Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Contact person:  lovie
Address:  Zhongli &bulding, Xudong Road, Hubei, China, P. R
Zip/Postal:  430071
Telephone:  +86-027 86836688
Mobile:  +86 013971182097
Fax:  +86-027-86826688

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