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  Other informatmion
Business type :  manufacturer
Main products:  Green And Fresh Cavandish Bananas
Company introduction:  And now we are looking for a company to buy bananas with this specification:
- green and fresh cavandish bananas
- first class
- net weight 18.5 too 19.5 kg
- fob terms of shipment
- maersk company
- price 0.3 too 0.6$ per kg
- pallet loading
order detail :
- 22.000 too 650.000 kg per week or 10 days
- if you can send this information to me
- price per kg (please tell the price for each kilogram ) spot - and - fix price for annual .
- banana specifications and packaging details ?
- price payment terms ?
- delivery time of the order ?
- origin port ?
- is it possible for us to be your exclusive representative in iran?
- note :
we are rushing to register the order, but if you have a better or different offer we will welcome it.

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