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About Foods1


Foods1 was established in 1999 as a professional B2B website. As time passed, Foods1 has grown up as a well-known food industry website in China . Persist in serving customers with the customer-oriented principle, we provide customers with professional service system with specific orientation, the true way to do business. Constantly we make multiform service systems according to customers' needs. Now it is a premier B2B food industry website in China containing leading industry news, timely tradeleads all over the world and a great amount of company databases.

Through hard endeavor, Foods1 has become more and more popular in China . To be the first option, many clients used to Many of our clients have chosen Foods1 as their first choice in the business. They would like negotiate with each other on the platform we offer. Its influence among the whole industry make it widely known and get a good reputation. Most of them will click as soon as they want to get some information about food.

We provide our service primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises in the international food trade , with more than 50,000 registered members from over 200 countries and areas. Pageviews of our website per day amount to 1 to 1.05million, More than 80,000 people visit the site every day, most of them are global buyers and importers looking for partners in China and other major manufacturing countries.

Clients Overlay

Part One

Market Analysis
Ⅰ . Foods1 Targeted Customers Layout Area
 1. Worldwide IP Layout

Ⅱ 、 One-up Food Industry News Navigation

Timely Offers

Accurate food business opportunities guarantee the benefits of clients, every piece of information audited and posted on time so that the customers will go into a steady-going circumstance.

Pertinent products: Aquatic products, Fruits, Vegetables, Food Additives, Grain and Edible oil, Cattle and Poultry, Spices and Seasonings, Sugar and Alcohol, Dairy Products, Tea and etc,.

Leading Industry News

International and internal food news column could make points for people, from policy tendency to maket trends.

Pertinent products : Aquatic products, Fruits, Vegetables, Food Additives, Grain and Edible oil, Cattle and Poultry, Spices and Seasonings, Sugar and Alcohol, Dairy Products, Tea and etc,.

Daily Domestic Price Trend

Fresh new and accurate price changes in hot products, grasp the latest trend.

Pertinent products: International and internal aquatic products, cattle and poultry and etc,.

Industry Report

Professional international market analysis makes business easily.

Pertinent products: Aquatic products, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and etc.,

Success Stories and Analysis

Every successful clients with foods 1' s help will share their sense about businesses.


Part Two

Customer Target Market Analysis

Part Three

Professional Member Service & Promotion Plan
We provide image-building visualization service for clients in China and international clients, including promotion service project and advertisements for Corps. with logo or banner on our website.To enhance company reputation at home and abroad, we have a professional and make-play technology and sales team to rely on. Diversification on promotions and membership modes will make it freely for our customers to select what they want to apply.

Scheme One

Advertising Pack & Free Gift

Advertisement Service and Promotion

1 、 Email to all the members on (In Three language English, Chinese and Japanese)

2 、 A questionnaire for your copmany on so that you could know customers' market trends clearly, the logo could be made by customers or us. We will design it for you.

3 、 Add an interview or a special topic column on the left-hand of homepage, for people to know you better.

4 、 Post your promotion materials on every exhibition which we attend.

5 、 We will email your company profiles to all the exhibitors who we ingather.

6 、 In the page “Link Us”, company banner will be added as link exchange.(468 x 60 pixels)

7 、 Through online communication, make corp. known by our available clients.

8 、 We will submit some of your key words with competitive price advertisement on biggest search engine). The cost you have to pay as a individual service.(It lies on the price of key words and click amount per day)

Free Gift:

a 、 A floating or a couplet advertisement on Chinese homepage, you have to provide us your image and messages.

b 、 An interview or special topic column on Chinese version, mainly about your company profiles and future plan so that Chinese clients could know you more and better.

c 、 Make full-view news report for your company, if the number amounts to seven, it could be collected as “First Focus” column on the top of Chinese homepage.

d 、 Send your company information through mobilephone SMS(short message service) to all the members.

e 、 One small advertisement(100*50 pixel) in the channel which of your industry.

f 、 Make one sheduled time advertisement on Foods1 publication 《 China Seafood Suppliers Directory 》 , the directory will be issued on every kind of exhibitions and posted to China seafood enterprises. (Just for Seafood Industry Clients)

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